Best Method of Roof Cleaning

Which Roof Cleaning Method Is Right For You, Pressure Washing or Soft Washing

Have you ever tried cleaning your bathtub or shower with just water? 

The answer is no. 

You probably use a combination of water and cleaning detergents to combat elements such as soap build up, mold, algae, etc. If you tried cleaning your bathroom with just water you would get an appearance of clean but in reality your expanding or spreading the problem. The proper cleaning detergents will kill, desolve, and disinfect giving you a complete clean.

The same goes for roof cleaning. The black haze build up on your roof is caused by airborne elements such as algae, mold, lichen, dust and dirt. No matter how much water pressure is applied to your roof, water doesnt clean or disinfect. This is were Soft Washing shines.

  • Soft Wash uses a combination of low pressure and detergents that desolves the black build up haze on your roof. A low pressure mist is applied to your roof and you can watch the black build up haze disappear before you eyes.
  • Soft Washing will restore the beauty of your roof giving you a clean that will last upto 3-5 years in most cases saving you money from having to clean your roof every year with pressure cleaning.

Note: Pressure cleaning was designed to clean driveways, walkways, patio decks, flooring, etc. Using high pressure on roofs is very abrasive that can crack or chip the tile, lift the tile, shift the tile, essentially it will weaken your roof. 

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